Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Let's Call It Futbol!

(Thanks to Google for the GREAT World Cup Doodles.)

Okay, I admit it: I can't call soccer "football". It's simply un-American.
But no one else calls it "soccer". Why be such annoying separatists?
So I've decided Americans should call it "futbol".

Maybe it's because it sounds nicely "Continential".

Maybe it's because I'm a sucker for commercials that I can identify with, like these, courtesy of Hyundai's #BecauseFútbol campaign:


"NO Spoilers!"

I love the way that the sound of the word "futbol" honors the fact that this is a Global game. Americans have Our games - American games - but this is something so much bigger than us.

Speaking of which, I am so proud of the USA team, especially Tim Howard and Clint Dempsey, and the kids like Yedlin, Green and Brooks who are already making their mark.

USA! USA! USA!  2018!  I STILL believe!

Now for a quick World Cup Chastity Game Update:

Remaining Players (updated July 7)
azpanties: Argentina (switched from USA)
sophie: Netherlands (switched from England)
jezi: Belgium (switched from England) Knocked out - must stay chaste through July 14
marc (submissive_geek): Argentina (switched from England)
scott: Germany (switched from England) Suspended for attitude!
danielle: USA; Backup: England Knocked out

I think I'm joining azp and marc in supporting Argentina. I'm just hoping cute little Messi can go all the way!

Love, kisses and thanks to sophie and azpanties for getting me interested in this World Cup, and for sharing it with me.

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