Sunday, August 28, 2011

Writing For Me - Even When He's Not Writing For Me ;-)

My #1 boy & WP Assistant, johnj, is doing a written punishment for another Domme right now. The short version is that he had fun taking part in some online roleplay where a group of subs (actually most of them are bottoms) were being "helpful" but were really being naughty (destroying things to build other things.. all imaginary, so nothing was actually damaged) and now he is getting the same punishment as the others.

This was all with my blessing of course, but this time it's been feeling a bit weird with him writing for someone else. johnj is nothing if not helpful, so it was natural for him to take part (and I enjoyed watching him join in the fun)... and of course it was only fair that he receive the same "reward" as the others. However, I'm not been feeling any power exchange with it this time (every time before this I have actively arranged it in some fashion, rather than simply encouraging and allowing it), and while he's enjoying it, it's not quite the same "zing" for him either.

But today was different. Between Hurricane Irene and some extended-family issues, I was up all night last night. I slept in even later than normal for a Saturday and was late to our usual Saturday afternoon date (one of the privileges of being my best boy ;-)). I met him online, but I needed time to do a few things before I could give him my full attention. He asked if he should write another 10 double lines while he waited. I said "15!" And the zing was back! ;-)

He told me afterward that those lines were definitely written for me even though they were assigned by another Domme. Needless to say, this morning (Sunday), he will be writing an additional 100 lines "for me"! ;-)

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