Thursday, March 1, 2012

Green Ribbons Galore & A Note from your Favorite Mistress

Thanks to everyone who has downloaded my St. Patrick's Day assignment!
While my publisher was working on the design, we purchased an assortment of appropriate ribbons to use in potential photos. I'm sure all you boys can just imagine us shopping together, talking and laughing about which widths and textures of ribbons would be best for wrapping up your packages!

We found the ones pictured below at my local Michael's. There was one small display of St. Patrick's Day merchandise on the far left as we went into the store, and one small box of ribbons on it. That's where we found all the shamrock and "St. Patrick's Day" ribbons. I also selected the plain green ribbons that I liked best from near and among the bridal ribbons. (If they only knew!) There were all available on the spool, so we didn't have to ask to have anything measured or cut.   

If anyone is looking for a ribbon, and you have been to at least two stores without success, I will allow the following:

Send me a tribute of at least $25 via Amazon Payments (US only) or $35 via Emailed Gift Card (US, Canada & Europe) before March 10th to: ForMistressMagick *at* yahoo *dot* com, and receive a free yard of your choice from the ribbons listed below. I'll include a handwritten note and my publisher will ship it via Priority Mail so that you will receive it on time. If you're elsewhere, email me first with your location for more info.

These are, in order:
  1. Small white shamrocks on green satin ribbon
  2. Green satin ribbon
  3. Green shamrocks on white background grosgrain ribbon
  4. Green satin picot ribbon (with the cute little loops along the edges)
  5. White shamrocks on green background grosgrain ribbon
  6. "Happy St. Patrick's Day!" ribbon

Make sure to include your name, email address, shipping address and both the number and name of the ribbon you would like. If you'd prefer that I select one for you, just say so! ;-)

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