Saturday, February 26, 2011

Answer: Lingerie Shopping Pop Quiz

You'll remember that as part of my "warm up" for this year's Valentine's Day assignment, I asked you to answer:

Would I would wear these Rose Silk PJs?
Why? or Why not? 

If you referred to my old wish lists, as suggested, you saw that they match a gorgeous rose silk chemise (2009) and robe (2010) that I have previously wished for:

2009 -

2010 -

I adore the sensuous feel of silk and dusty rose is one of my favorite colors... sometimes more for household stuff than for clothes, but these are all exquisite, especially with the wide antique lace trim.

So much so that I was trying to decide if I liked these enough to actually wear pajamas!

It was actually a bit of a trick question because I don't wear pjs. When at home, whether lounging or sleeping, I wear nightshirts, chemises, nightgowns, etc. I feel most comfortable with my womanhood covered by panties, but nothing else. So, on reflection, I decided that they would be too "binding".

Therefore, the correct is:

No. While I love the rose silk and wide antique lace, I wouldn't wear them because I don't wear pjs.

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