Monday, June 13, 2011

Finally A Classy Clips Site!

I'm the sort of Goddess who believes that it can be sexy to leave *something* to the imagination.. to tease and tempt... to play with the mind as well as the body. And, as a FemDom, it is more and more important for me that I am affiliated with sites that show respect for the true power of women. So many clips sites look cheap and trashy, and are basically focused on amateur porn... with everything "all in your face". Even when you are finally allowed a release, I want you on your knees, dreaming of being of being at my feet or serving me in other ways, gasping "Thank you, Mistress", not flipping meaninglessly through picture after picture, each of which further devalues that power.

Therefore, I'm happy to say that I have finally found a fetish-focused clips website which is classy, rather than trashy, and which also allows we to offer .mp3s so that I can tease and tantalize you with my voice, as well as my mind.

From first glance, I was impressed by Clippette. When Lisa, one of the co-founders, emailed me information, it only confirmed my first impression that this is a site that is actually intended to be respectful, intelligent and classy: "Clippette doesn't look like traditional adult websites, because we wanted to create an elegant, sexy, easy-to-use environment that conveys respect for the people selling content with us, as well as our customers. We don't think there's anything dirty or nasty about sex and wanted the site to clearly communicate that."

I have several ideas for audio files focusing on sissy fantasies, and of erotic and/or feminization hypnosis that I'd like to offer, in addition to possibility making more recordings of me. ;-)

For now, I'll be offering foot, shoe and stocking pics, as well as the notorious audio file of me being pleasured, which I also use for edging and cock control training.

Check out my new store at:

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