Saturday, October 22, 2011

Come on boy & gurls, It's Almost Halloween!

Who do you want to be this year?

No, who do you REALLY want to be?

Sissy maid?

Harem girl?

Naughty school girl?

Sexy secretary?

Obedient puppy?

My October assignment is easy, but you only have a little over a week left to prepare - less if you are dressing for a weekend party!

If you're too afraid to dress the way that you would really like to dress, then try an intentionally silly version of it this year. It will make people laugh, and hopefully give you the positive feedback that you need to go a bit further next time.

It's also a great time to go shopping for any of these sorts of items: ladies clothes and accessories, makeup, collars, etc. because you can say it's for a costume even if you only plan to wear it in private!

And keep an eye out for post-holiday sales in your local stores. Costume shops usually carry cheap fishnet stockings, elbow length gloves, etc., and those bunny ears & tail might just come in handy next Easter!

Come on boy & gurls, this is the one night every year that you can be what you really want to be. So get your kink on!

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