Thursday, October 13, 2011

D/s for Job Hunting!

Yes, yet another reason why many of you naughty boys could benefit from a Domme's training - especially in this economy!

I also really liked the way that he acknowledged that I am in control now. And doesn't he have the cutest "bum"!

The below is crossposted from my In Her Service blog:
I'm using my usual training methods, including panty and chastity training, in order to help thurstan stay motivated and focused in his job search. With so many good boys out of work, perhaps this is a service that I should offer more widely!


Good morning, Mistress

Today is the first day of the rest of my life!

My big alarm was set for 7:30 and I turned it off without opening my eyes. My phone alarm was set for 7:50 and it's before 8:00 as I write this. I had trouble getting off to sleep, I think through to nerves about today, but I'm awake -- if a bit bleary eyed -- ready for the day. I'll complete this after a bath, breakfast and all the other essential start of the day things. Today will be different in that I won't be wasting time web-surfing, the computer will be used for work, not pleasure.

I selected a black stretchy net thong to wear. Underneath, it doesn't cover much, but attached is a black flouncy net skirt all around to preserve my modesty. At the back my bum cheeks must just be peeking out under the skirt.

As I type this, it feels great sitting down, and the skirt tickles my thighs. There's a bulge forming at the front but I know the rules and will leave Your cock well alone. I will make a photo later, because it's 9am already and I don't want to get distracted from the work I must do.

It was two days ago that I was last allowed to touch Your cock, and you graciously permitted me to have a release at the time, but it's been two days also since I touched it too. It wasn't easy to change the habit I had when it was mine, but it doesn't belong to me any more, and I've been able to keep my promise to you.

As I mentioned yesterday, I want to find three realistic job posting, and apply for those. I will work also on my CV because a couple of people had ideas how I might change it.

I think I've been coping ok with chastity. I fell asleep lying on Your erect cock last night, and woke up stiff this morning, but I left it alone. I don't know I'll feel about things in a few more days.

I skipped breakfast to write this, I'll get some work done before I head in to the kitchen for some food.

Thank You for looking after this boy,


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