Monday, April 2, 2012

My Updated Easter/Spring/Ostara Bunny Assignment Available FREE on Tuesday

My Bunny assignment will be free for download again in a couple hours. (Free days run from after midnight Pacific Time until approximately the same time the next night. How long after varies.)

However, if you want the lastest version, I'd suggest waiting until later in the day. I've gotten the confirmation that it's being pushed out to the websites, but still has the last version showing in the preview.

As shown at right, the final version that you're looking for is has "Ostara" added to the main title and the subtitle is back to reading "Role Play: Be My Bunny". While you might be doing the assignment for another Domme, "Be My Bunny" just seemed so much more fun and inviting than "Role Play: Bunny". I also considered "Bunny Play", but it's not a known and defined kink activity like Puppy Play (which will be offered in August).

There are only a few other small tweaks, and nothing that should impact your ability to do the assignment, so it's not necessary to get an updated version. However, I want to make the update available free to everyone who already downloaded it, as well as to new readers.

If you downloaded the old version and want to get the new one, you'll need to go to "Your Account" on Amazon. Select "Manage Your Kindle" under "Digital Content", and choose to Delete the book from your Library. Also delete the book from your Kindle or Kindle reader/app. Wait a bit to allow time for everything to update, and then try buying the book again:

If you need a free Kindle reader/app software for your computer, tablet or phone, go here:

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