Sunday, April 22, 2012

Scrunchies for My Beltane Assignment

Because my boys & gurls have had problems finding appropriate scrunchies for my May Day/ Beltane assignment, I have purchased some to resell:

The first design is a Classic Rose Print Cotton Scrunchie.

- $4 each, plus shipping.

The second design is a Purple Satin & Chiffon Scrunchie, Decorated With Roses & Beading.

Made especially for me in my signature color, these are the same style as the ones that my sissy, jezi, wears daily as a sign of my ownership.

- $15 each, plus shipping.

Shipping to anywhere within the US is:
    $1.95 per scrunchie for First Class  or
    $5.15 per order for Priority Mail
(Several scrunchies can be included for the same flat-rate Priority Mail price.)

Payment can be sent via Amazon Payments to:
ForMistressMagick *at*

If you're international or need to pay via Paypal, email me for information:
       ForMistressMagick *at*

Make sure to include which scrunchie(s) you want, where you want them to be sent and how you would like to send payment. I'll consider allowing you to do the assignment on a later date if necessary to allow for the shipping time.

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