Saturday, January 11, 2014

My 45th Birthday Wishes

Through a bit of corporate generosity, I have Abobe CS6 Design and Web Premium sitting uninstalled on my desk. Full version, new, on disc. Yes, almost $2000 worth of absolutely gorgeous software, unused!

The problem is that once I install it, I've used the license. That's it! There's no moving it to a newer computer later. Ever.

While I love my laptop, she's over four years old and sometimes too slow as it is. I upgraded her memory to the max when I got her, and I really need at least double what she's got. 

I thought about getting a new desktop machine, but the fact is that after sitting at a desk all day, I have no interest in coming home and doing the same. No, I need a laptop that can lounge with me on the sofa or even join me in bed. As some of you boys well know, I often do my best work there!

In looking at specs, I realized that what I really need is a gaming laptop: fast processor, plenty of memory, great video card & a MUCH larger screen than the little thin & light that I have now. She's in great shape for her age, and I'll still use her for the lower memory-intensive applications - writing, email, browsing - especially when I'm away from home. Who wants to lug around a 10 pound one when you don't have to!

Unfortunately, the kind of laptop I'm looking at starts around $1200, and the ones that I'm drooling over are close to $2000! And if you spend that much, you also want the $300 protection plan. 

The good news is that they have several possibilities on Right now I'm actually leaning toward staying with Windows 7 and this kick ass Alienware one.

I've decided to wait on getting a new SmartPhone. Instead,
what I want for Valentine's, my birthday in April, and everything in between, are tributes toward my new laptop. 
Either (US only) or sent to:
   ForMistressMagick at 
will work. 

Or, if you're feeling really generous, just buy me one!

I used to do desktop publishing, but I no longer have InDesign and only have an ancient version of PhotoShop (7.0 - from 2002)! I want to get back into doing more layout and design work, and to bring my graphic design and web skills up to speed, both for myself and also as a possible way to move toward working from home. I even have access to some free online tutorials. All I need is for you boys & gurls to help me get there. :-)

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