Sunday, December 20, 2009

Holiday Panties Shopping Assignment ~

I want you to buy (in-person from an actual store... whether Victoria's Secret, Lane Bryant or Walmart) a pair of the sexiest holiday panties that you can find. Candy cane or holiday tree designs, or something in red satin or lace with white marabou trim -- that sort of thing. Pay careful attention to finding some that are in a size that should fit you, and a style that should hold your package nicely, while still not being baggy or covering too much. See my note below if you need help with panty sizing**.

At the same time look around, and find a nightgown or other lingerie that you think I would like. I like long gowns with spaghetti straps, a fitted bodice and a long flowing skirt... satin or silk, accented with lace. You can see some examples here:

and here:

Buy the panties for yourself, and make a note of the color, style and price of the nightgown.

Email me a report on your shopping trip including:
- your experiences while shopping (where you went and how you felt, details of interactions with the salespeople, etc.)
- a description of the panties (including a pic if you can, but don't wear them yet)
- a description of the gown, or other lingerie, that you think I would like, and
- and when you will be free to wear the panties during this week's holiday events*.

Also email me an Amazon gift certificate for the price of the gown, as my Yule present, and as a thank you for the assignment. You can find my email address at the top of many of my wishlists, including my Yule 2009 wish list:

* I had planned to have you wear the panties for me on Yule/Winter Solstice (tomorrow, December 21), which is the holiday that I celebrate, but I know that you probably will not have the opportunity to buy them in time, so instead (knowing that you may need to be discreet with family around and such) tell me which days you believe you will be able to wear them this week, and I will respond, telling you which day I want you to wear them. I'll probably choose a day that I am working or with family so that thinking of you wearing them just for me will brighten my day. I'll ask for another report from you afterward on how you felt while wearing them.

I'm looking forward to hearing about your shopping experiences and to seeing which panties you picked out,

M. Magick

** NOTE: Panties have their own sizing which does not relate to the sizing on any other type of ladies clothing. And just like all women’s clothing, the sizes vary by manufacturer. You will need to know your hip & waist measurements. Use the larger one and compare it to the hip measurements for the different sizes of the panties. It’s always best to check the chart for the specific pair of panties you or buying. For some examples, look at the size charts on the sites below:
Plus Size -
Plus Size -

(This assignment is copyright (c)2009 by M. Magick. You may link to it, but please do not forward it, repost it, or otherwise try to claim it as your own.)

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