Sunday, December 27, 2009

Puppy Foot Worship ~

I've been visiting family for the holly-days. (Having an ultra-long weekend helps, whether it is my holy day or not.) My niece's family is keeping a dog for friends who are out of town, and let me just say that this puppy has a serious foot fetish!

Last night, she kept licking the bottoms and sides of my feet. If I moved one she would just lick the other, etc. Since, I was mostly enjoying it - except that it was really, really wet - I let her, and even moved the other foot closer to her at one point. But today, I moved my feet away from her. First, she just switched to the other foot, and she then jumped down off the couch to keep following them. She also keeps trying to hump their female dog, so we have all decided that she's a lesbian foot fetishist!

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