Sunday, February 7, 2010

First 2010 Valentine's Panty Shopping Report

I've received my first report from this year's Valentine's panty shopping assignment. It's from one of the new boys that I know from Twitter. There are a few minor details that I'll discuss with him later, but all-in-all, he did a wonderful job. I already knew that he was intelligent and articulate, and that he is geniune in the enjoyment that he gets from pleasing and serving so it shouldn't be a surprise that he well. And, like any really good submissive, he went above and beyond in some areas, where he knew me well enough to be able to do so.

He went to several stores in person, and gave good, detailed reports for each one regarding his interaction with the sales staff and the possible Valentine's panties that he found. He selected this gown for me (a perfect choice... elegant and sensuous, without revealing too much). His description was good enough that I could pick it out on the Frederick's website, and I loved the reasoning behind his selection. Yes, it is my signature black satin & lace, spaghetti-strap, floor-length gown, but he also mentioned that he found it inviting, yet with a touch of mystery... like me, thus earning him some nice brownie points. :-)

For my Valentine's present, he sent a gift certificate for the rounded up full price, not just the sale price. (The amount was simliar to what my better subs have sent in the past.) In addition, he purchased a gift for the lady that he will actually be spending the holiday with and a couple pairs of possible panties for the assignment itself. I'm waiting to see pics of them before deciding which ones he will actually be wearing for me, and I think I may have him do something extra special for me in that regard. ;-)

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