Sunday, February 21, 2010

Yummy Femme Domme Weekend

Saturday night was the local Female Dominants' Group's Valentine Ball.
I wore my Pomba gown, which is made of black silk and mesh decorated with red laces and sequins. My favorite local pantyboy was again my escort. He is so wonderful and has a way of making me laugh. He made us dinner before the party, as well as our food for the potluck, chauffeured, etc. I had a lot of fun glittering him up, and dressed as a naughty faerie, he won the costume contest.

I tried seated trampling in a pre-arranged scene with a very experienced foot boy and had a blast. I could push and rub and press as I wanted, standing up almost off the chair when I wanted to really add my weight. Not having to worry about keeping my balance let both of us relax into the sensations, and it was really hot! I knw that he loves being under a woman, and I got into thinking about all the ways that I could enjoy being above him. ;-)

Finally, I ran into a boy that I had introduced to the group a while back. His personal situation has changed, and I had a wonderful time sitting and talking with him as he lightly caressed, massaged and kissed me as I wanted. He has wonderfully sensual hands and lips, and I'm looking forward to talking with him again soon.

Sunday afternoon, I released my remainng desires from Saturday night on my UK sissy, jezi...totally and completely enjoying her for my pleasure. ;-) We haven't had much time together in real time recently, and I made time on both Saturday and Sunday afternoon to renew that connection. Sunday was the amazing day, and the perfect cherry on top of the night before.

Sunday night was this month's FemDom CHAT. The topic: "Covert Domination: Play, Rituals, Behavior, and Training You Can Do in Public." It make it a lot more enjoyable to me to have a male subs input on our discussions. A married sub that I have been mentoring was also listening in, and I had a good time chatting back and forth with him privately about the discussion, as well as speaking with Auburn and devious on the actual CHAT itself.

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