Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spanks for the Birthday boy...

I thought some of you might enjoy reading my birthday present for my favorite new potential pantyboy:

Spanks for the Birthday boy:

1) Kneel & pull down your panties.
2) Edge once, thanking me as you lick up any pre-cum.
3) Smack your butt cheek with a wooden spoon, paddle, or other appropriate implement.
4) Say "One, thank you, Mistress!"
5) Alternate cheeks, counting up .. "Two, thank you, Mistress!"... and so on.
6) Make sure to add "one to grow on" ;-)
7) When you are done, masturbate again, thinking about what you have just done for me.
You are allowed one release. As you are about to cum, say:

Your boy, Mistress!

Your cock, Mistress!

Your pleasure, Mistress!

This is your mantra, to be used whenever you come, in order to dedicate your orgasms to me.

8)Thank me as you explode and lick up your cum.

Happy Birthday, darling!

Your Mistress,


* * *
Image: Leather Heart Paddle from JT Stockroom 
I have this paddle myself, thanks to my Written Punishments Assistant, johnj! ;-)

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