Saturday, March 19, 2011

Things Not To Do ~

Last night, the pantyboy asked me if I had been keeping up with a thread on one of the kinky dating/social networking sites. In all honesty, I hadn't logged in there in weeks. One look at my emails there reminded me of why... and of these:

Things To Do, and NOT To Do, When Contacting a Domme:

-Do not email both my personal and professional profiles, and presumably every other Domme on the site, most of which are not in your country, with the same form-letter email.

- If you are going to write a form letter, at least take the time to spell check it. And add a paragraph or two to each one you send out personalizing it for that particular Domme. Why are you interested in Her? Your reasons should be more than the fact that she is female and dominant.

-You might actually mention what you have to offer her, not just what she can do for you!

-Do not use text messaging abbreviations, like:
hello mistress, i came across ur profile & had 2 stop by so i c u like ur men 2 wear panties. i never wore any but i bet they feel really sexy. lol

And honestly, why is he even bothering to write me anyway? Maybe he wants me to order him into panties, but if so, he's going to have to ask for it! (And use proper spelling and capitalization in doing so.)

- Also, consider the below. He isn't rude or demanding. But why should I answer him when I already have numerous subs?

Hallo, my name is [...], from Italy.
I am interested to meet for the first time a dominant lady (also only by webcam if she prefer) to have fun and enjoy togheter.
So, now my dream is to live an experience with you, I mean you can teach me a lot about this world and i hope to have the chance to chatting with you and maybe friends.
Are you interested to meet me?
In this case please, contact me to agree.

I knew the above was a form letter even before I saw that it had been sent to my other account. I have no qualms in not answering these kinds of trolls. There is no reason that I should give you my time when you haven't taken the time to try to get to know me. Likewise, if you can't show me your intelligence and why I might enjoy you, there is no reason to even consider you.

If you want to serve me online, the best way is to ask for and complete one of my assignments. I have found this to be a much better indicator of who is actually willing to step up and meet my demands than wasting my time, or my assistant's time, trying to screen you through a series of emails. It's quite simple: if you want to train with me, show me that you are capable of doing so. Those who excel in pleasing and pampering me while doing so are the ones who are rewarded with my personal chat and email time. Obviously, the more I enjoy you, the more likely I am to talk to you, use you more intimately, etc. 

If you are local, unattached and want to get to know me, the best way is to meet me at an event and/or offer to take me to dinner.

If a Domme tells you what to do when contacting her, follow it to the letter. Do not assume that she is going to chat with you if you are too lazy or cheap to submit her application. And do not assume that completing it means automatic approval. You are one of hundreds.. even thousands, so you have to stand out: not just in general, but also in regard to Her particular needs and desires.

Oh... and those cock and ass pics that so many guys have on their profiles are NOT an indication of what women want to see (especially when we don't even know you yet, but rather of guys who have no clue what a real woman wants. They are generally only helpful if you are really looking for guys!

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