Sunday, December 11, 2011

Panties as my Submissives' Uniform

In October, andrew gave me a gift card for Lane Bryant so that I could buy some lingerie from Cacique. I was ordering online to get the specific colors and sizes I needed, but having it shipped to the store for pickup to save on shipping. Like the frugal Domme that I can sometimes be, I was watching the sales in order to get the best deal, and I was also considering whether it was worthwhile to add a few more items to my order and pay a bit out of my own pocket so that I could use a coupon which would make the extra items almost free.

While I did look at several nice items for myself, I kept going back to panties that might make nice holiday presents for my boys & girls, including the ones to the upper right. The one thing that I wasn't sure about was the dangling double-diamond accent on the front. (I did see another style that I liked even better on clearance, but they sold out before I could get sizing information from andrew and sophie).

Just as I was getting ready to order without using the coupon, these went on clearance as well! I found myself wondering if jezi would mind if her panties matched andrew's, or if theirs matched sophie's and so on! I asked them, and found that they generally liked the idea of having matching "uniforms" of panties to wear for me, so I bought these for all my boys and girls who wear panties, even getting a couple extra pairs to allow for possible sizing issues.

When I went into the store to pick them up, I saw that they had the same panties there, except that theirs had a large round clear jewel on the front framed in silver. I absolutely *loved* the new design! And, of course, they were NOT on sale. Now it was obvious to me why the others had been on clearance - although I had not seen the new design advertised anywhere on their website. But... I wondered...

I opened my order right there at the store counter, digging past my own items to get the to extra panties at the bottom. And, YES! They were the new design! Color me one happy Domme!

As you can see from the picture above left, andrew loves his new panties, and jezi will soon be modeling hers as well [updated with a link to her pics] - which also include the sexy, rhinestone-adorned "vixen" holiday thong shown at right. Keep an eye out for them on Twitter in my #DailyPanties.

So, now that you know which panties I gave certain boys & girls this holiday, I'm wondering which of you will be wearing Holiday Panties for me this year. Email me at:
      ForMistressMagick *at* Yahoo *dot* com
and request my Yule Assignment to join in.

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