Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Shakespearean D/s

I've always thought that Shakespeare's "Sonnet 57" would be perfect for just the right boy to copy for me as a written "punishment". Well, I've definitely found the right boy! :-) And he has adapted it ever so slightly for me before writing it out. Enjoy!

Sonnet 57
Being Your slave, what should i do but tend
Upon the hours and times of Your desire?
i have no precious time at all to spend,
Nor services to do, till You require.
Nor dare i chide the world-without-end hour
Whilst i, my Mistress, watch the clock for You,
Nor think the bitterness of absence sour
When you have bid Your servant once adieu;
Nor dare i question with my jealous thought
Where You may be, or Your affairs suppose,
But, like a sad slave, stay and think of nought
Save, where You are how happy You make those.
So true a fool is love that in Your will,
Though you do any thing, he thinks no ill.

- adapted from William Shakespeare

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