Saturday, April 10, 2010

Upcoming Holiday Assignments / Test Sub-jects Needed for Fetish Exploration

I'm planning to continue recording and/or editing my holiday assignments as we move forward through the year so that by 2011, I will have the entire year ready to be re-edited into a "Holiday Assignments" book.

Historically, these assignments have slowed down over the summer, with less holidays and more boys busy with family and social obligations, so the next few assignments have only been performed a couple times over the last decade and need to be completely re-written. Therefore, I will need to "test" them with a greater variety of subs, getting feedback on the assignments themselves, including anything that needs more clarification, as well as getting more feedback on how different types of subs react to the different types of assignments. This series of assignments is designed for fetish exploration and it covers a large range of interests, including crossdressing, role playing, cb toys/ownership, tease and denial, etc. Therefore some assignments will work better for some boys than for others.

Assignments for the rest of the year will include:
  • Beltane/May Day (May 1)
  • July 4th/Bastille Day (July 14)
  • School Days (probably September)
  • Halloween
  • Thanksgiving (US date - late November)
  • Yule/Christmas
Beltane/May Day and July 4th/Bastille Day are usually "ribbon assignments", but I'd like more variety for the book, so I'm considering writing up new assignments for them, or perhaps assigning one of two alternate versions, depending on the specific sub in question.

I'd like to have an assignment for every month, so I may also decide to fill in with some of the following:
  • Litha/Summer Soltice (June) 
  • Lammas/Lugh (August 1)
  • The "Dog Days" of Summer (any summer month) - perfect for a puppy intro assignment :-) 

The assignments usually follow this format :
  • A pre-holiday shopping trip to buy a small/inexpensive item, such as a pair of panties or a piece of ribbon, in order to prepare for the assignment. Part of the point of this is to send you into stores shopping "on assignment", so that you can experience it through "kink-colored" glasses. You  may have to go into places primarily frequented by women, such as lingerie shops or fabric stores, or you may be asked to look at items in new ways, such as looking for a kink item in a hardware or pet store.
  • You report back to me on your shopping experience, including where you shopped, what you purchased and any unusual interactions with the salespeople. I love hearing about the trip (Were you nervous? Turned on? Was the salesperson curious? Did you tell her what you were doing? How did she react?), and this also allows me to approve the item(s) that you purchased. It's not unusual for a sub to get two versions and let me choose, or for them to pick something that is very unique to their personality so that even something as seemingly simple as a shopping report shows me (and them) a lot about who they are as a submissive or fetishist.
  • You are also to send me a gift from my wishlist (or something else as assigned by me) as a thank you for the assignment. For holiday assignments, the gift is sent while you are shopping, rather than after completion of the assignment, so that I will receive it in time to enjoy it on the holiday.
  • On or near the holiday in question (I allow alternate dates for significant-other/family/roommate privacy reasons, as long as they are pre-arranged with me), you are to perform the actual assignment itself. It usually involves wearing or using the item that you purchased. A few of the assignments require a couple hours of undisturbed private time, while others will be something that you do throughout the day, such as wearing the item under your regular clothing. If you are wearing it on a specific holiday for me, I may ask you to check in to let me know that you have begun the assignment. I do get quite excited knowing that you are wearing panties or a ribbon for me as you go about your day, and in those cases, doing it without checking in takes away my own control and enjoyment.
  • Afterward, you report to me again regarding your feelings and experiences while performing the assignment. There may be extra points given for sending me pictures, etc., but they are generally not required.
Nothing inspires me to write assignments more than having actual boys and "girls" doing them, so I'll be looking for "test sub-jects" to sign up for each assignment as I start working on it, as well as assigning appropropriate ones to my existing submissives. (Look for announcements on Twitter &/or on this blog.)

If you are interested in performing an assignment, you will need to send me your mail address so that I can send it to you. Then you are required to give me your commitment to perform the assignment. I am happy to mentor sincere new subs and fetishists in this area, and I understand that not all assignments work for all subs, however I also do not wish to waste my time on those who are not serious in their inquries.

You do not need to be my submissive, or applying to me in order to do the assignments, however opening up my assignments to new subs has proven to be an excellent way to test new potentials for online-only service positions. If you are interested in servicing in that fashion, consistently going above-and-beyond on my assignments is an excellent way to get my attention... and my consideration.

If you are interested in my next (Beltane/May Day) assignment, now is the time to let me know.

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