Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What I Desire

As some of you know, I've accepted ed_cantor into my online service. He just wrote me the lovely piece below. While some aspects may be pure fantasy (limo?), it's a very good description of the type of D/s relationship that I desire. Not one focused on scening/play or SM, but rather a loving and enduring D/s dynamic focused on service, pampering, etc. The fact is: the more I feel pampered and pleasured by my boy, the more advertuous I am in regard to the ways in which I enjoy him.

I see you desiring a softer, more subtle service than stereotypes present, or that seem described by the word "scene." I see myself with you, near you, beside you... but yours. I can be dressed up, taken out with you, though perhaps with a hint of my position given in something that teases the eyes or the body. Maybe it is lace panties beneath my suit, maybe it is a piece of special jewelry, or a thin collar under my shirt and tie.

I open doors for you, I help you out of cars, I hold out your chair. I pour your wine. I get your coat. I call the limo back. I unlock the doors and hold them open for you at your home. I slide your hair aside as I massage your shoulders. I stand when you wish. I open my trousers at your command. I slide them down to my ankles. I give you the tie from around my neck, breathing deep as I can only watch you wrap it around my hardening cock and throbbing balls. With that new leash, you pull my to my knees, and guide my head under the hem of your gown.


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