Tuesday, April 13, 2010

What not-overtly sexual object or service from another is the most arousing for you?

The smell of well-worn leather, the crisp cleaness of sheets in a nice hotel, a powerful thunderstorm on a hot summer night, and the way that *you* hold me when I cry.

Yes, I know that you said (privately) that any touching of me would be "sexual" for you, however I think we know that is different.

And while it ranks amoung the disqualified services, I do have to say that kissing my upper back/shoulders is still good enough to get an honorable mention. ;-)

The others services are hard to explain... doing something that surprises and delights me by making life easier without my having to tell you to do it can be a big winner, as is showing you off in a way that makes me proud of you and reminds me how sexy, wonderful and/or attentive you are.

Hmmm... and of course, wearing something for me that shows you off and at the same time represents my ownership of you and of *my* cock.

Ask me something worthy of a response. *Adults Only*

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