Monday, October 11, 2010

Foot Worship

Receiving foot worship is one of my all-time favorite kink activities. I love having my feet rubbed, and having my toes sucked for hours by a boy who really gets into it gets me going like nothing else.

However, I do think that real foot worship can only be done in person. It's like giving a massage: a cyber massage is nice, but it's still not a real massage.

And, while foot baths* and vibrating slippers can be wonderful, I've never found one that comes close to the pleasure of having a boy at my feet massaging and sucking. And, obviously, an online pedicure isn't something that I can show off by wearing sexy sandals.

That being said, I do understand that there are fetishist who enjoy looking at my feet, and reading about them for their own pleasure. (Please do not delude yourself into thinking that imaging my feet as you pleasure yourself is at all submissive, or is any sort of service to me, because it is not!) These are the fetishists for which I post pics for sale because this is a service that I am providing to them, and not the other way around.

And, yes, when they are respectful and somewhat submissive, I sometimes do really enjoy talking to a foot boy, and describing my feet for him via a service such as Niteflirt. However, I do want to hear your voice - your breath - your moans - so that I can really hear my power over you via the effect that my words and pics are having on you. Hearing that, as you call me Mistress, can, and does, make me hot. ;-)

*Mmm.. I could use a new heated, massaging foot bath. Mine broke some time ago, and I haven't replaced it. That is one way that a foot boy can pamper me from afar, and one like this would make a nice gift, perhaps even a holiday present:

Another obvious way is to treat me to a pedicure. I always feel pampered as I watch the girl rubbing my feet and doing my toe nails, knowing that a boy is having them done for my pleasure. ;-) I am also happy to take pics and love showing off my pretty toesies in return.

Picture: "Yin Yang Footrubs" taken my Mistress Magick at Saturday night's foot party.
Yes, that is my foot! ;-)

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