Saturday, October 23, 2010

NC Fetish Art Festival 2010
Part One: The Art

A week ago Friday, wolfmoon escorted me to the 2010 NC Fetish Art Festival: "A Bad Romance".

The evening was a mixture of various types of fetish-themed art combined with a couple sets of stage performances.

The majority of art hanging in the gallery was actually photography, with a only few paintings, line drawings and mixed media pieces. My favorite, pictured at right, did not have a title listed. I love the sexy legs and shoes, kicking off the panties, and suspect that the model is a CD. The frame and flecks of paint, which aren't very visible in the photo, made this piece at least as much as the photo itself.  If you know what it's called and the name of the artist, please let me know. I know that she had dreadlocks, but I failed to get her information.

I personally love pen and ink, and the piece at the left, "(S)ex Libris" by K.S. Burton, made me think of yummy erotica and of strong, sexy intelligent women, like Literatrix.

I also didn't get the info for the one at right, but it made me think of me sitting with my legs crossed in delicate stockings, over the bound and fishnet covered legs of one of my girls, especially my darling jezi-girl. I like the feeling of closeness, with the touch of domination that is implied... holding her down... being above her.

Speaking of time with the girls, while I was taking pictures, I had to snap one of the poster at right, which was displayed, appropriately, in the ladies' room.

We noticed that the majority of the art was actually focused on female submission. wolfmoon pointed out the photo that later won Best in Show as one with a male submissive theme. Shown at right, "Love is a Drag" by Lisa Johnson, includes a soft CD twist on a traditional romantic theme. We were sitting right beside the photographer when she won and it was nice to be able to talk to her about the piece.

Third Place was certainly one of the more interesting pieces. Entitled "Ode to Hugh Hefner", the mixed media creation at left by Amanda Bushman had an emphasis on boobs, bras and butts, in the style of classic pinup girls.

There were also two metal pieces by M. Abrams that really caught my eye. The one pictured at the right was "Untitled", but had a long explanation about male virility and sperm, so it is no surprise that it immediately inspired thoughts of having a boy kneeling, held in place with his cock and balls through the ring. (The inside of the ring was a good 2 1/2" in diameter - actually too large for many boys, but still close enough in fantasy, especially considering that the wearer would also have to adjust his stance for the height of the stand.) The other was a paddle with the word "slut" spelling out in Morse code along it's length.

The live art included a series of suspension demos, two different types of body painting, and a female switch that I know creating a picture on another woman's back using ribbons and needles. I especially like the Black Light Body Painting by Living Brush shown at left.

I don't know where to start with all the performances, and I still need to see which of those photos are clear enough to use so this is
To Be Continued...

All photos taken by M. Magick.


  1. Thank you for mentioning my art on your blog, I am glad you like it. If it pleases you, you can check out more of my art at

    Thanks :)
    M. Abrams

  2. Hi -- Thanks so much for posting the art piece above w/ the feet... It's called "Take It Off" -- the piece actually lost it's tag during the show.... I'm the artist -- Christy Rae. You can email me at
    Thanks for the appreciation!

  3. I never published Part Two because the video of the performances did not work out.


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