Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My Beautiful Birthday Girl:
jezi's Birthday Panties & Edging/Release Report

I treated my wonderful sissy, jezi-darling, to a couple new pairs of panties for her birthday. She has been such a good girl lately, and definitely deserved some new pretties from me.

First, I got her a pair of rhumba panties in our color (purple) and my favorite color (black). The website didn't have the best sizing info, and I probably should have gotten the next size bigger so the lace would be more ruffled, but they still look damn sexy on her, and really show off my property!

Then I added a pair of ruffle-trimmed satin bikinis with a pinup design. I suggested that every sissy have a pair, so, of course, I had to make sure that my girl had them!

For the actual day itself, I instructed her dress to up in lacy lingerie for me: a black corset-style baby doll trimmed in pink rose-design lace, black rhumba panties with garters trimmed in matching pink ribbons, black stockings and sexy, black heels.

Even though she had only been back in mental chastity for a few days, I allowed her a special edging and release day to celebrate. I made her ramp up the edging this time, not allowing her a chance to cool down between edges, and it had the desired effect. ;-) I thought I'd share her edging report with you.

* * *


i wore the more black [lingerie] for the edging and release as well as our [cock] ring.

i edged twice as requested. The second was quite intense, and i dribbled a bit and gasped.

On the third time my release was incredible as i knelt for my Mistress and repeated my devotion to You.

Your cock, Mistress.
Your girl, Mistress.
Your pleasure, Mistress.

i came amazingly, what a birthday treat!, and collected all i could, cleaning myself with my tongue.

Thank You for my gifts and for being my Mistress


Your now chaste girl again, [my private name for her]

Pics taken by jezi and edited by M. Magick.
Shoppinvg Links:
Ruffled Boyshorts: http://bodybody.com/se-xgen-panty-9091c.html
Satin Pin-up Bikinis: http://cacique.lanebryant.com/panties/bikinis/satin-pin-up-bikini

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