Sunday, November 21, 2010

Alternative Naughty November/Thanksgiving Assignment

I've updated my November assignment to include the option of doing an alternate version which uses cranberry sauce instead of stuffing. This is to allow those who can't eat gluten or who don't have the time/facities/privacy to make the stuffing to join in, however, I have decided to make both options open to everyone. You might even enjoy doing them both!

Click here to read the first report from the cranberry sauce version:
Alternative Naughty November/Thanksgiving Assignment Report

For those who don't already know, this a Messy Masturbation/Food Play Assignment, and it is definitely more naughty than my usual ribbon & panty ones! And, yes, a penis is required. ;-)

The deadline for completion of the assignment is November 30. Even if you are traveling for the holiday, or have family visiting, that should be enough time to give everyone an opportunity to join in.

Email: ForMistressMagick *at* Yahoo *dot* com and request the assignment for details.

Cranberry Sauce Art from:

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