Friday, November 16, 2012

Naughty November Update
& Christmas Cover Preview

I thought some of you might enjoy a glimpse of the first draft of my Yule / Xmas assignment cover. ;-) The red panties and Santa's hat are fit perfectly with the assignment, but I'm not sure about the way that she is standing. What do you think, boys and gurls: would this inspire you to dress en femme for me? Or is her pose too dominate to inspire you to explore your sissy side? 

As some of you know, my publisher hasn't been able to work on the Amazon version of my Naughty November assignment due to health reasons. With Thanksgiving so close (and some yummy Santa's Helper Outfits already on sale: US link / UK link), I've decided to continue to offer my Naughty November assignment via email this year and to wait until next year to offer it on Amazon. So email me directly and request the Naughty November to join in on the messy food fun:
     ForMistressMagick *at* yahoo *dot* com

Already finished with your "Cock and Cum Stuffing" or "Cranberry Cream Sauce"? Here's some window shopping to whet your appetite for my Yule assignment. Click here if you're in the US:

 Or click here if you're in the UK or Europe:

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