Thursday, November 29, 2012

My Little Bunny: A Side-by-Side Comparison

Review: Turbo Jack Mini Rabbit Pearl Vibrator

What is it about this rabbit vibe that makes me think of cutesy names? It's certainly made for an adult!

But it's also so cute! It's a miniature version of my favorite rabbit, all the way down to the smiling face and bumpy texturing under the head.

I put three fresh AA batteries in each of them and did a full side-by-side comparison. The new mini takes three AAs, but I also use them in my larger bunny because, although they don't last as long as the C batteries it normally requires, they seem to make the vibe go faster when they're fresh. And faster is almost always better!

Speaking of which, the clit vibe on the Mini Rabbit is about the same size as it's bigger cousin. It's a visible metal color while the other one is a less obvious ivory-colored plastic. The rabbit covering it is only slightly shorter on the mini, and the bullet inside is pretty much the same strength - possibly slightly stronger. It's definitively enough to satisfy! The difference in the angles is more obvious in the above picture than I noticed while holding them, but it seems to fit well even though I've often had push down on the larger bunny.

The shaft is both shorter and narrower on the mini. I didn't seem as filling as I slid it into place, but I felt and enjoyed the rotation a lot more. I'm pride myself on being pretty tight - no kids and I know how to do my kegels! I've broken the rotation on more than one bunny, and I often leave it turned down when I use them. With the mini, I had it up at full speed, which I also noticed was a lot faster than the larger bunny. The metal beads inside it are actually strung onto a round cage of posts which rotates with a mechanical sound that does get pretty loud, but doesn't sound like a vibrator. (The larger bunny only has one post that moves around stirring loose plastic beads.) This is the most obvious "turbo" feature of the mini when I visually compared them side-by-side, but I think that with it being smaller, it was easier for it to rotate around inside me as well.

The battery holder is different from any rabbit that I've ever seen. It has dials rather sliders.

Plus: The dials allow for a greater variation in speeds. They also each light up, getting brighter as you turn it up, making it easier to control your bunny in the dark and/or for your partner to be able to see how high the intensity is.

Minus: Even with the raised marks on the dials, it can be hard to turn them with slippery hands. I found myself using my fingernail, or grabbing the nightshirt that I'd just taken off, to turn them.

If you've never used a rabbit vibe before, or either you or your partner find them a little intimidating - and many men do - this would be a good one to start with. In fact, I could see a woman who is a rabbit-lover like me using this one to introduce her not-so-endowed partner to her love of toys. It's also smaller for travel.

Speaking of which, I also got a Small Square Satin Drawstring Toy Bag. I actually thought I asked simple twist for the long and narrow bag, but as you can see, this one is actually a perfect fit for My New Little Bunny. The larger rabbit vibe will just barely fit in it diagonally, and you would definitely want the tall, thin bag for a rabbit vibe with controls on the bottom. (Maybe next time I'll tell you why I generally prefer bunnies with hand-held controllers.)

Speaking of toy storage, get a FREE Small Square Satin Drawstring Toy Bag (like mine) worth $6.99 when you spend $10 at!
Type SOCIAL10 here:

I should mention that even though my items were ordered from the US website, they took a little longer than I would have expected with their Free Priority Mail shipping. That is because they actually came from the UK, where Lovehoney was founded. They are still working out the kinks (NPI) on the new US site, and obviously that includes their supply chain. The form on the unopened plain cardboard box simply says "Novelty Item", but knowing that their items have been through customs might make some people a little nervous. Hopefully this won't be an issue much longer as they grow their US business.

FOLLOW UP: I've used both bunnies together a couple times now, and I find that I keep coming back to the mini! Even though it's size didn't really impress me at first, I'm actually finding it to be a better fit. It's the difference between a lover putting in as many fingers as possible hoping to hit the right spot and a lover using just one or two fingers expertly on that spot! I'm fan of the latter technique, and I'm also becoming a big fan of My Little Bunny!

NOTE: This is NOT a sponsored review. My bunny and bag were a gift to me from simple twist as part of my testing of as a potential affiliate.

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