Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Wheel of Chastity!

Update: I just found out that this wheel was designed by Dennis Vampy! He's added a User List to show who's in the room and will be making other improvements. Info: http://www.chastitymansion.com/forums/threads/wheel-of-chasity.8477


A new/returning potential, mike green, sent me the link to this Wheel of Chastity page. (It is technically called the "Wheel of Missfortune"):  

It's very similar to the Web-based Dice Room that we used for the Chastity Dice Game and it's a lot of fun to play with. 

simple twist and I gave it a bit of a test tonight and here's what we found:
  • You can change the items on the wheel to be whatever you want them to be, so you could use this site for other purposes as well. For instance, you could change the choices to: Flogging, Spanking, Bondage, Pegging, Oral Worship - or Tits, Pussy, Feet, Thighs! ;-) 
  • You can create your own custom page and just share it with those you want to be there to watch the spin, whether that's just your boy or a group of sissy friends. Just put a name/word in the box on the bottom right and click [Create].
  • Ex:   http://www.time2cum.com/wheel.html?Mistress%20Magick
  • It always logs you in as a random-numbered guest, but you can easily change your username to whatever you want.
  • If you refresh the page - even on your own custom page - it resets everything: Your name, conversation history, the list of the results and any changes you make to what's on the wheel. 
  • The chat works, but does not list those in the room. It does show when someone enters or changes their name, but does not show when they leave. So you really can't tell who's there except for seeing who enters once you're already there, and seeing who is chatting.   
  • Likewise, anyone can spin the wheel - even someone who might be there that you can't see. This makes a strong case for making your own custom room whenever you want to use it. 
  • The speed of the animation on the wheel can be different for each viewer, so even though the wheel starts spinning at the same time, one of you may see the results as much as 30 seconds before the other one. Regardless of your spin speed, they appear on your own list of results a few seconds after your wheel stops spinning. This messes a bit with the teasing suspense of using the wheel, especially when my boy is seeing the results before I do! I liked using it with a separate voice chat program (Skype), but it probably made the delays even more obvious.
This is a good tool for a boy who is in chastity on his own and wants someone (something) else to decide for him how long he will stay locked. It's also another tool for Dommes who want a random way to decide how long a boy should be locked.

I generally like to have more direct control over my boys than that, but I could see using it with someone for whom I was just being a remote keyholder. And it's also fun to tease with! A Mistress always has the supreme authority, and can override the wheel wherever She wants, so I could spin it, holding the boy in suspense, only to decide to overrule it and spin again... or not! ;-)

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