Saturday, January 9, 2010

Are you ready for my annual Valentine's Day Panty shopping assignment?

I am working on my Valentine's Day wishlist in preparation for my annual Valentine's Day assignment, in which boys around the world buy and wear panties for me. Last year, I opened it up to boys who were not regular trainees of mine, and I had a lot of fun. Contact me if you are interested in joining in.

M. Magick


  1. After looking at the Heart Lace panties from Frederick's...I think I know where I want to visit soon. ;-) Please keep me posted on the details if possible. Have a great night.

  2. @Chaste Hubby - I don't usually suggest crotchless ones (nothing to hold the package), but they might be nice with the CB. If you get some, let me know how they work with it.

    Frederick's has limited plus-size panties & lingerie. How much they have depends on the individual store that you visit. Our local one did not have plus-sizes for a while, then added them, but later closed.


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