Saturday, January 2, 2010

A Queen in Search of Her Consort
(D/s & Prince Albert)

Prince Albert: Then you had better master the rules of the game until you play it better than they can.

Princess Victoria: You don't recommend I find a husband to play it for me?

Prince Albert: I should find one to play it with you, not for you.

Tonight, another Domme friend and I saw the movie Young Victoria. First, I want to say that Victoria was a very lucky woman. Think about it: an intelligent man who encourages her to follow what she knows is right, who supports her in expressing her power (rather than trying to use it by manipulating her or attempting to take it from her) and who has dedicated his life to being there to help her with it. I am sure that many lesser "men" would have felt emasculated by always being the Prince/husband/consort and never the King. It takes a real man, strong in his masculinity and his purpose/service, to acknowledge, encourage and assist a strong woman in such a manner.

Now consider that they were together 20 years and had nine children. Talk about going at it like bunnies! As strong-minded she has been portrayed and as much she is said to have loved him, I have a feeling he was as dedicated to her pleasure in bed as he was out of it!

So, my question is, where does one find such a wonderful man these days? Someone who is a true friend, lover, consort and assistant. That is the kind of a submissive that a true Queen seeks. Yes, intelligent, skilled, cultured and knowledgable. But dedicated to the pleasure, protection, projects, etc. of his Queen. Always at her service, and using his skills and abilities to advance her, and their common, goals.

By contrast, I am reminded of the story of the Goddess Inanna/Isthar and her King consort Dumuzi/Tammuz. Some of the earliest erotica we have are poems of the how he plowed her fertile fields spilling out his sweet milk for her:

And, yet, later when she descends into the Underworld, he can't even be bothered to stop his wining and dining and... whatever else long enough to go look for her. I'd send him to Underworld too! She has elevated him, and it has gone to his head. He has forgotten her, now focused on his own desires, and lacking in loyalty, faithfulness, etc. Many men know how to court a woman, and I am not sure how a Queen can ever truely know which ones will remain faithful to her service.

Are you an Albert? Or a Dumuzi?


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