Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Have you always wanted to sit at the feet of a Goddess?

... and listen to the Dommes talking? Do you have questions about what we are seeking? Or are you a Domme that wants to network, grow your skills and/or hang out with your Sisters?

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These chats actually evolved out of Auburn's "The Seductive World of Female Domination" class which a sub gifted me with a year ago. We had weekly chat sessions as a part of our class, and wanted them to continue. The more recent sessions have been larger, with the attendee list hidden. You have to request to talk... unless you know Auburn and she knows that she can call on you! ;-) I miss the more freeform chat, but I have a tendency to message the moderators with comments and resource information while people are talking and then let them pass them on as appropriate.

Speaking of Auburn's class - it's fabulous! If you are familiar with the five Domme archetypes, I'm a naturally a Queen, going toward a Goddess when I do more formal scenes and training, and sometimes going toward The Nanny in times of stress. If you don't know what I'm talking about, take the class! :-)

The Seductive World of Female Domination
4-week online course with Auburn and Devon Landry.
The next class starts Jan 22.

There's also a new one-day class on etiquette for submissive men. Contrary to the title, I would bet that most experienced subs would benefit from it as well.

Submissive Men in the Scene: Etiquette for Newcomers
Online workshop with Sarah Sloane
January 21, 9:30 pm ET

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