Monday, January 18, 2010

January FemDom CHAT & a Very Good Boy!

A new potential and I are getting to know each other, including talking about expectations, boundaries, the 9 Levels of Submission, etc. This month's FemDom CHAT topic of "How Much Should a Sub Give Up to Accommodate You?" seemed very timely, and I arranged for him to join me on IM while we were listening to the discussion. I expected just to use the CHAT as a catalyst for private discussion, however he happily surprised me by putting up his hand and asking questions! A lot of guys are far too nervous to do that at first, and the fact that he did it reflects well on him and his possibilities for becoming my sub. He went "above and beyond" yet again!

He's played with individual Mistresses but has not yet been active in the community (aka the scene). He was very happy to find a safe place where he could listen to others in the scene ask questions, talk about their experiences, and get input and advice. He's looking forward to future CHATs, as well as any other similiar opportunities, and was especially interested in the "Submissive Men in the Scene: Etiquette for Newcomers" online workshop that Power Play Academy is offering on Thursday night. I know that he wants to impress me and to make sure that he is a good reflection on me if/when I start taking him to events. As a reward for "stepping up" and contributing so much to the CHAT, I have arranged with Ava (the Goddess of Registration at the Power Play Academy) to gift him with the class! I know that he is surprised at my being so generous, but in all honesty, anything that helps him learn and grow is also to my benefit as well.

I'm looking forward to his report regarding what he learned from the class, and any general tips that I might want to pass on to the clueless boys who are always applying to me. I do have to say that I really appreciate the boys who are conscientious enough to take classes, read and otherwise "do their homework", in addition to taking the time to learn what their individual Domme prefers. Unfortunately, often it is the aspiring submissives that most need classes who never think or care to take them. The ones who do are already one step ahead simply by virtue of their desire and openness to learn and to grow.

BTW - next month's FemDom CHAT, on the topic of "Covert Domination: Play, Rituals, Behavior, and Training You Can Do in Public", promises to be a lot of fun! I'm looking forward to hearing more of Auburn's little hidden rituals, and to perhaps contributing some of my own! ;-) It's free, and open to FemDoms and to the submissives of any gender who serve them (or wish to do so). Just register here:

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