Thursday, May 5, 2011

Beltane Scrunchies ~

After all the issues that boys had in finding scrunchies last year, I had considered the idea of making them to sell myself. This year, Beltane snuck up on me... so soon after Easter. When I moved to California, I left my sewing machine with a friend. When I got back, no one knew where it was, and I've never quite gotten around to replacing it. Realizing that I probably don't want to do the sewing myself, I've decided to look at places where I might buy flowered scrunchies for resale to boys doing my assignment. With the help of gwalton, I have ordered several beautiful rose-print fabric scrunchies from the UK like the one at the right shown.

I'm also looking at the possibility of placing a wholesale order for some lovely ribbon rose decorated satin and organza scrunchies like the one at the left. jezi will be helping me to order some samples, including a special color combination made up just for me. In fact, we are getting her enough that she will have one to decorate my package (aka her sissy clittie) in a different color each day of the week!

I'm thinking that it might be fun to offer a different Beltane scrunchie each year... perhaps even custom designs! Would you try to collect them all? :-)


  1. They will certainly make the sissy clitty cute! I like using them - they are not as tight as a ridged cock ring, but they do keep some tightness around there, and they look beautiful!

  2. @Sheen V - when did you start wearing them?

  3. hmm what a brilliant idea.. might need to find a scrunchie now to replace the little pink ribbon I tie around my sissygirlie clit..

    Thanks for the inspiration!



  4. The scrunchies are newer version of my ribbon assignments. They hold the package snug, like a cock ring, but are prettier, like a ribbon, but more substantial.


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