Wednesday, May 18, 2011

#MMDay Edging Game!

In addition to wearing the appropriate color panties if you are able (purple or purple and black for May 19), we are going to play an #MMDay Edging Game where you earn points for each edge:

+1 point for each edge.
Add +1 point for kneeling while you edge.
Add +2 points if you were wearing a cock ring during the edge.
Add +3 points if it was in a place or room that you've *never* edged before!

So edging on your knees is two points. On your knees in a cock ring is 4 points, etc.

Edging standing in a washroom at work where you've never edged before is also 4 points. Edging, kneeling, wearing a cock ring, in an empty conference room where you've never edged is all 7 points.

Tweet each edge, including how many points it was worth and why. When I read the tweet, I should be able to do the math, and know exactly why you earned the points that you did. Also, include your total points earned up to that point and the #MMDay hash tag.

Example, assuming that you already had 3 points:  Edged again, dripping & pulsing in the laundry room (+3), wearing my lavender cock ring (+2). 6 points - Total points: 9 #MMDay

If you are offline when you edge, you can tweet them later, but you much tweet the description of each one separately, and include the #MMDay tag.

For May 19th, my boys, gurls and trainees MUST have at least 12 points, and be up to date on their reports and tributes to be considered for a release.

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