Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays. I had a special boy visiting me and serving me, and had a wonderful time.

Around the house, he was generally dressed in only a collar, cock ring or CB device, and panties. There weren't any scene events going on, but we went out on vanilla-ish dates, with secret bits of kink thrown in. In addition to visiting my favorite art museum, indy movie theatre, etc, we went out somewhere different for dinner every night. I mixed it up from casual to romantically sensual and extravagant, selecting an assortment of good local restaurants with a variety of cuisines and experiences.

Each time we dressed to go out, I would select a CB device or cock ring for him to wear and/or other items as well as panties. On one of the first days, I had him wear one of my black lace bras under his shirt. Another evening, we went lingerie and toy shopping (for both of us) at a local adult store while he was locked in one of his CBs. And he wore his black leather collar out to the New Year's Eve!

As we progressed, I taught him to properly shave his legs, and had him wear stockings for me when we went out as well as around the house, and even to bed. I also painted his toenails and started to teach him paint mine. I especially loved the fact that every time he noticed the pretty pink polish on my fingernails it reminded him that his toes were secretly painted to match. ;-)

I sent him home still wearing the toenail polish, and with the collar and stockings, as well as what I hope were some wonderful memories. :-) And while I know that it was a very expensive trip for him, I do hope to see him again as we continue his training.

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