Sunday, January 29, 2012

La Senza Update & Valentine's Shopping Report from London

Last week, one of my UK boys, andrew, went on a scouting trip to Oxford Street in London for knickers (panties) for my Valentine's Day assignment, as well as to check on the status of La Senza:

La Senza
- His local La Senza (on the way in to London) was very picked over.
- At the two Oxford Street stores he visited, they are selling out their stock. The remaining selection was inconsistent, and there wasn't really anything in pink, red or heart-designs. However, there are good bargains to be had, with almost everything at 3 for the cost of 2. The stores will be getting in stock from their new owners, but not until after Valentine's Day.

Marks & Spencer
He went looking for the panties that I selected with him online:

- Limited Collection Chiffon Heart Print Bikini Knickers  £6
Product Code: T818160B

- The Oxford Street store did not have them.
- The Marble Arch location had a good selection of the knickers and matching bras. He purchased his size, and finds them to be of quality, with lots of nice little touches, at a good price.
- He also noted that if the store doesn't have the ones you want, or doesn't have the correct size, they can order them for you if you have the Product Code (see above), which is also available on their website. And, of course, you can also order them online.

While he was there, he also picked up a pair of these gorgeous stretch silk thongs:

- Autograph Silk Blend Pleated Thong  £12

He is a very good boy, and did a wonderful job of selecting these with my tastes in mind.


He checked BHS. While they had a lot of pretty stuff, he felt that they were probably too conservative to find anything to fit my tastes. They had nothing red, some pinks, nothing Valentinesy and nothing was on sale.

John Lewis

He found a couple lovely possibilities at John Lewis, but they are quite pricey. My favorite is this:

- John Lewis Women Flora Thong  £15

for which they also had matching shorts (tap pants), balcony (balconette) bra and suspender (garter belt).

He also found this exquisite lace set. I don't really like the pinkish waistband in the pic, but he assures me that the pieces in the store were a beautiful red.

- Mimi Holliday Frappe Lace Thong, Red  £40

Ann Summers

He didn't actually visit Ann Summers, but I know that jezi and my other gurls often find it one of the best places for holiday lingerie so I decided to take a look and add my choices:

- Destiny Red/Black Suspender Brief (Garter Panties)  £14

This sexy Destiny red and black collection also has a couple matching bras, a g-string (probably too insubstanial for your package) and a babydoll nightie. And there are even some lovely lace-topped black stay-up stockings with red seams, bows and cuban heels.

And finally, here is Ann Summer's "cheeky" version of Valentine heart panties. I must admit that I'm very tempted to order my jezi-girl to buy these:

- Open Heart Knickers  £10

If the reds and blacks match, I think they would be really cute with these Heart Print Stockings.

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