Thursday, January 12, 2012

Want To Wear Panties For Me This Valentine's Day?

Just download my Valentine's Day Assignment and follow the  instructions for performing the assignment under my supervision.

Instead of emailing out my holiday assignments, this year I've decided to publish them! Available for download from Amazon for any Kindle or Kindle Reader App [Download a free reader/app HERE], at only 99 cents each, it will be easy for all you curious boys and girls to check them out. Now they can be performed by subs acting on their own, or even assigned by other Dommes (with credit given to me, of course)!

I've kicked off the new year by publishing my Valentine's Day Assignment, and have scheduled it to be available for FREE download tomorrow, Friday, January 13. (The FREE day lasts from midnight to midnight Pacific Standard Time.) 

So get it while you can, and join in on the panty-wearing fun!

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