Sunday, January 15, 2012

Valentine Panties

Thanks to everyone who has downloaded my Valentine's Day Assignment. Even if you missed the free download day, it's priced at only 99 cents so as to be accessible to everyone, whether you have a Mistress, are interested in performing it under my direction, or want to do it on your own.

As I was preparing the assignment, I started looking for Valentine's Panties. Cacique has a nice selection, with many good examples of what you are looking for, including these black "Be Mine" tanga panties trimmed in pink lace, with pink lacings up the back.

They a variety of hipsters, boyshorts and string bikinis with other candy-heart saying like "You Sexy Thing!" ,"Love Me", "X♥X♥" or with lip prints all over them. Being a writer, I also really like these ruffled "Love Words" hipsters even though they have a white background.

The Pink and Black Lace-Trimmed Heart-Print Boyshorts on the left and the Pink and White "Je t'aime" version on the same page are really cute, but seem to have a somewhat low rise, which can be a consideration for those with a nice size package. There are some Pink, Silver and White Cotton Boyshorts which seem to have better coverage, but I don't think they're as cute.

These Pink and Black Satin and Lace Panties remind me of my boys and girls who love the look and feel of satin. They also have an absolutely yummy Pink Satin and Black Lace Skirt trimmed with garters which looks like it might be a close match.

Lacy pink or red panties, such as these Red Lace-Trimmed Nylon/Spandex Hipsters, are also acceptable if you can't find something more specifically Valentine-themed.

For Those Reporting To Me:

I would love this Pink Satin and Black Lace Chemise. Just send me a Lane Bryant e-gift card and I'll order it for pick up at my local store. I have a coupon where I can get something else free (probably panties) with the purchase. :-)

For more examples of the chemises, nightgowns, robes and peignor sets that I prefer, see my archived Valentine's wish lists at:

I've also set up a new Valentine's Day 2012 wish list for the items that I want this year, including some new Egyptian Cotton sheets.

Finally, here's more info regarding what I'm looking for in a good Pre-Valentine's Shopping Report.

And, in case you are wondering, the panties which that boy purchased are the same ones that now grace the front of the Male Service: Valentine's Day book.

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