Thursday, June 26, 2014

World Cup Rules: Playing Your Backup
& Advancing Into the Round of 16

Once you have switched to your Backup team, you get the Rewards for them as listed here:
just as if they were your main team - because now they are! 
(You can no longer claim these Rewards for your old team.)

This includes: 
1) a Hands-Free Release if they win:
You may cum once, but you are NOT allowed to use your hands - this is soccer/football/futbol after all!
You may rub against something, stick it into an object that you're NOT holding, etc. Anal is NOT allowed. After you cum, you must lick up as much of the cum as you can manage! 

2) their Reward if they Advance to the Round of 16!
   #1 ranked from your group: you may cum once using your hands. And, of course, you must lick up every drop of cum.
  - #2 ranked from your group: you may cum once, but only by rubbing against something while not using your hands. Don't forget to lick up as much as you can. ;-)

The Reward for Advancing to the Round of 16 can be taken anytime between when the ranking is officially announced and when your Round of 16 game begins*, however you must ask me for your reward**, and wait for My approval, before you can take it, so do NOT ask me at the last minute!

* I just updated this to give you more time if your team is playing Thursday. Otherwise, you would have only had Friday to take your reward.

** When you contact me to request your Reward for Advancing to the Round of 16, also email me privately and list 1 to 3 things you would like to be ordered to do, which you could complete within 48 hours of the World Cup Final on July 13th. Examples: Applying clothes pins to your balls; masturbating with cooked bacon; having to buy and wear panties; wearing a butt plug while you masturbate. This can include things that are not usually among my areas of interest. If you're lucky, one of your ideas could become your Reward if your team wins the World Cup! ;-)

Reminder: I expect my players to tweet and/or email me when they have completed each Punishment or Reward, and to do so as soon as possible after the end of the game.

I use the American definition of ASAP (within hours, and certainly by the end of the day), NOT the European version (whenever I can get around to it - maybe in a week or two)! ;-)

Therefore, I generally expect that Rewards and Punishments will be completed within 24 hours after the end of the game. I do try to be understanding for those who have privacy concerns at home, but at this point, I think I need to put my foot down:

- If Edges and Releases are not completed within 48 hours, they will be forfeited. 

- If Spanks are not completed within 24 hours, add 50 spanks per day as interest. 

Current Status:
azpanties: USA; Backup: Argentina
sophie: Netherlands (switched from England)
jezi: Belgium (switched from England)
scott: England, switching to Backup (Germany*) after Group Play, before the Round of 16
danielle: USA; Backup: England
dave: USA
marc (submissive_geek): Argentina (switched from England)

I will be posting Rules for the Knock Out Rounds between Thursday night and Saturday morning. It is your responsibility to monitor this blog and my Twitter feed for updates. I NOT be sending any more individually addressed emails or tweets to alert you of updates.  

While this game is free, and one that I am enjoying playing it with my own subs (azpanties, sophie and jezi-darling), the updates and monitoring take a lot of time and work. Gifts of thanks are much appreciated, and will encourage me to run more games like this in the future. (very private and work best internationally) or (USA only) Gift Certificates emailed to:  ForMistressMagick at are preferred. If you'd prefer to send something else, just let me know.

Use this link to read all posts regarding My World Cup Chastity Game Rules and Updates:

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