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World Cup Chastity Game Rules - 2nd Stage
The Knock Out Rounds

 Actual start times (not ESPN pre-game times), shown in New York City/Boston/My time.
(Captured from Google. They've also had some GREAT Doodles for the Games.)

Remaining Players (updated July 1)
azpanties: Argentina (switched from USA)
sophie: Netherlands (switched from England)
jezi: Belgium (switched from England)
marc (submissive_geek): Argentina (switched from England)
scott: Germany (switched from England) Red Card for attitude!
danielle: USA; Backup: England Knocked out

I am removing players who haven't checked in. As with any game, some players simply just don't make the cut! If you believe there has been a mistake, you may appeal via email within 48 hours.

Okay, boys and gurls, things are going to get intense!

Except as specified below and on my Twitter, you are to remain chaste, as previously directed, until after the Final Game.
    Yes, this means that once both your teams are out, you may have NO CHANCE TO CUM, until the Final Game*. THIS is why you were encouraged to choose a good Backup team!
When your team plays:

Win - You held them back and kept driving at the goal, hanging in there until the game was won!

First, edge once for every goal your team scored, including any penalty kicks! Do NOT pause more than a minute between edges.

Then, you may cum (once), catching and licking up every drop!
(If you prefer to cum by rubbing against something, you may do so, but you must still lick up as much as possible.)

If you lose it and cum early, you must finish all your remaining edges as soon as you are able to get hard again.

If your edges and release are not completed and reported within 48 hours after the end of the game, they are forfeited.

[NOTE: If I have allowed you to cum with your partner within the last 96 hours, you will count that as your release. You must still perform the edges WITHOUT cumming.]

Red Card/Ejection - You've been a Very Naughty Boy, and need to be punished!
If a player on your team gets a Red Card during the game, you must spank yourself 100 times - as soon as possible after it happens!

You have 24 hours after the game ends to complete and report your spanks. Add an additional 50 spanks per day Interest for each day you are late, even if you are only a few minutes late.
    25 hours after the game ends = 150 spanks, etc.

Lose - You kept trying, but they just kept beating you back!

You must edge for each goal you scored.
AND you must spank 50 times (25 on each cheek) for every goal you gave up!

Beginning with an edge, alternate until you are done. As the number could get quite high, I will allow you flexibility regarding how to space out the spanks.
    Ex: You lost 2-4 = 2 Edges & 200 spanks
      Edge -> 50 Spanks -> Edge -> 150 spanks *or*
      Edge -> 100 Spanks -> Edge -> 100 spanks *or*
      Edge -> 150 Spanks -> Edge -> 50 spanks

You have 24 hours after the game ends to complete and report your edges and spanks. Add an additional 50 spanks per day Interest for each day you are late, even if you are only a few minutes late.
    25 hours after the game ends = 150 spanks, etc.

You can switch to your Backup (if they are still in the game) with your Backup's NEXT game.
          Ex: If USA loses to Belgium on 7/1, azp can switch to Argentina on 7/5 (and bring down some revenge on Belgium!) ;-) However, danielle will be done until the final as England is already out.

Once You're Teams Are Completely Out:
* I will have a Special Competition for the Final Round, and may have some earlier ones if everyone is already out! Watch My Twitter for details!
These will be your only additional chances to cum until this game is over (July 14th - Bastille Day).

If You Win It All:
Each of the players advancing have been asked to email me with a list of special Rewards they are interested in receiving if their team wins The Cup.

Ideas submitted include:

- Buy panties and a bra, and wear them all the next day. While wearing them write 100 lines in the library (or similar), where ladies could see.

-  Buy womens' clothes for a specific uniform, such as a secretary or a school girl. Tell the sales girls I lost a bet with some female friends and ask if they could help me choose. Perhaps Mistress could write a letter as though I'd lost the bet with her and include ideas of the kind of things she wants me to wear, so I can hand it to the girls and it looks like I have been sent.

- Buy and wear panties and/or pantyhose for the day.
- Wear a ribbon around cock in team colors.
- Tweet a thank you to the team with a pic of one of the above.

-  Masturbate with dildos in my mouth and ass.
-  Masturbate with nipple clamps and pull off during orgasm.

If you haven't emailed me, please do so as soon as possible.
Submitting your ideas are required as part of your request to be allowed your release for advancing from the Group Play to the Knock Out Rounds, and it is NOT my responsibility to remind you.

Read all My World Cup Chastity Game Rules and Updates:

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