Sunday, June 22, 2014

World Cup Chastity Game Update -
England, Germany & More

After two losses, England was officially knocked out of contention for the World Cup even though they still have to play Costa Rica.
(I'm actually kind of proud of how well Costa Rica is doing as they are from My Region, but I also feel for sophie, jezi and the other English players.)

Because of this, My English players may begin fully supporting their Backups (and taking their rewards) anytime between Monday (6/22/14) and Friday (6/27/2014), EXCEPT for those who have Germany as their Backup*.

I decided to wait until all the 2nd Games of Group Play were over before allowing the switch in order to make it fair for everyone.


- You MUST email or tweet mentioning me to let me know that you are switching to your Backup. (You MUST do so before a game begins for it to be in effect for the outcome of that game.)

- You must be caught up on all of your Rewards and Punishments from previous games before you switch. This includes reporting them - via email or, preferably, on Twitter. On Twitter, you must always mention me in the tweet.

As I didn't hear from many of you after England's loss on Thursday, I have added interest of 50 extra spanks per day (starting on Saturday, 6/21) to the 50 spanks that you were to take for England losing. These must ALL be completed and reported first. (While the edges for the USA** should be done ASAP, I'll let you switch before you do them as they were an extra, unexpected, weekend punishment, added via Domme's Prerogative.)

- At that point that you switch to your Backup, you can begin taking Rewards as wells as Punishments for your new team. This means that as soon as you elect to switch to your Backup team, you can get a release if they win.

- If you do this before England plays their last game against Costa Rica, you will only get to edge if they win. (Basically, England is treated as your Backup after you switch.) However, considering the odds, it is in everyone's benefit to switch before their Backup team plays their third game.

Current Status:
azpanties: USA; Backup: Argentina
sophie: Netherlands (switched from England)
jezi: Belgium (switched from England)
scott: England, switching to Backup (Germany*) after Group Play, before the Round of 16
mark (wantstobelocked): England (OUT due to lack of communication & no Backup)
danielle: USA; Backup: England
dave: USA
marc (submissive_geek): Argentina (switched from England)

 * Do I really have to explain this? Team USA is playing Germany in our third game. I know we don't have a good chance of winning, although I would LOVE it if we did! (And it would give us a better chance of surviving the first game in the Knock Out Rounds.) However, I'll happily settle for the game to end in a nice, friendly Draw, in which we both go forward to the Knock Out Rounds without any more injuries, yellow cards, red cards, etc. (Pic below snapped from ESPN.)

The only scenario in which we don't advance entails Germany winning and either Ghana or Portugal (realistically, it would need to be Ghana) winning their game with a large enough GD to beat us for Second Place from our Group. Therefore the boy who has Germany as a Backup has to either 1) wait to switch or 2) play for the USA, just for this game. He can have Germany as soon as the game is over. As he's had some extra, pre-authorized, relationship-related releases, I don't feel the least bit bad about making him wait! In fact, I think it's only fair.

As the Domme running this game, you should support Me and My team whenever it doesn't create a conflict, regardless of whether you will be rewarded for it or not. I would never make you support My Country over your own Home Country, but having a Backup is a privilege that I have added so that we can all hopefully enjoy this game a little longer.

** Speaking of supporting My team - USA - I tweeted asking everyone to support them in Sunday's game against Portugal:

I didn't hear from many of you, and then it was an emotionally-tiring roller coaster of a game. Even though we finished with a Draw, the way that it happened made it feel like a Last-Minute Loss. Therefore, I've declared that everyone, whether you have USA or not, must do Four (4) Quick Edges (for the 4 goals scored during the game) so that you're left as breathless and frustrated as I was.

I want this done ASAP - which means within 24 hours of reading my order to do so, whether here or via the original tweet. (I've given azpanties slightly different instructions for his four edges because he was "holding my hand" and going through all the emotions with me during and after the game tonight.)

I'll post any Rule Changes for the Knock Out Rounds after the Group Play has ended. I expect the Rewards and Punishments to be the same, but haven't decided if I will allow any further switching of teams (for the American players). I AM considering a Special Reward if your team wins the Cup. ;-)

World Cup Chastity Game Rules - Part 1: Playing the Teams In Your Group:

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