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World Cup Chastity Game Rules - Part 1
Playing the Teams In Your Group

Chastity - You must begin your chastity as soon as you sign up to play. This means No Sensual Touching of your genitals, nipples or any other erotic area until the end of the World Cup except as specified by the game, or otherwise by me. You may touch yourself as necessary to use the restroom, shower, get dressed, adjust yourself, lock and unlock (if you have a chastity device), etc., but only as a doctor would touch you - professionally, to get the job done. If you have a chastity device, you may lock up between games, but should be unlocked for your punishment/reward.

When your team plays:

Win - You may cum once, but you are NOT allowed to use your hands - this is soccer after all! (And, yes, your Domme is American!)
          You may rub against something, stick it into an object that you're NOT holding, etc. Anal is NOT allowed.
          After you cum, you must lick up as much of the cum as you can manage!

Draw - Oh, you played well, but didn't quite get there!
          You may edge, or masturbate without cumming, x number of times, where x equals the score.
          Ex: the final score is 2-2, x=2, so you may edge 2 times.

Lose - Your team just got spanked, so you have to taking a spanking! Using a wooden spoon, slipper, etc., spank yourself  y times where y = GD x 50. You should divide the number by 2, doing 1/2 on each side to even it out.
           Ex: The final score is 5-1 (Spain!), so the GD (Goal Differential) is 4. Therefore y = 4 x 50 = 200, so spank yourself 200 times (100 on each cheek)!
Red Card/Ejection - You've been a Very Naughty Boy, and need to be punished!
           If a player on your team gets a Red Card during the game, you must spank yourself 100 times - as soon as possible after it happens!

If you advance from the Groups into the Knock Out Rounds 
(I like to call them the Brackets):
- And are the #1 ranked from your group: you may cum once using your hands. And, of course, you must lick up every drop of cum.
- And are the #2 ranked from your group: you may cum once, but only by rubbing against something while not using your hands. Don't forget to lick up as much as you can. ;-)

sophie will be tweeting the scores & info for each game in which one of your teams will be competing, and I will also be tweeting reminders, however you should not wait to see the tweets before following my instructions above.

I expect my players to tweet and/or email me when they have completed each punishment or reward, as listed above, and to do so as soon as possible after the end of the game.

The Reward for Advancing from your Group can be taken anytime between when the ranking is officially announced and when the Knock Out games begin, however you must ask me for your reward, and wait for My approval, before you can take it. Then it must be taken within 48 hours of My approval.

I know you boys & gurls need something to do between games, so I'm allowing you to pick a second/Backup country to follow. This is an option and is not required.

  • You Must choose them within the first week of play.
  • You have to take their punishment for a Draw, Loss or Red Card, but only get to Edge if they Win. The number of Edges is equal to the number of goals they scored, so if they win 3-2, you edge 3 times. 
  • You only start taking their punishments after you select them. 
  • If your main team does NOT advance from your Group, you may switch to supporting them during the Knock Out Rounds, including taking their rewards for Wins. 

Playing So Far:
azpanties: USA; Backup: Argentina
sophie: England; Backup: Netherlands
jezi: England; Backup: Belgium
scott: England; Backup: Germany
mark (wantstobelocked): England
danielle: USA; Backup: England
dave: USA
marc (submissive_geek): England; Backup: Argentina

How to Sign Up:

Sissies - Don't forget to wear your lucky panties/patriotic bathing suit during the game! :-)
sophie will soon be suiting up for England, and danielle has signed up to wear the uniform below in support of the US team:

Thanks & Kisses to My Staff:

World Cup Technical Advisor:   azpanties
Word Cup Secretary:                sophie girlie

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