Thursday, June 12, 2014

2014 World Cup Chastity Game

UPDATE: Registration for my 2014 World Cup Chastity Game is now CLOSED. I am NOT accepting any more players. Check in with me when the Ladies play in Canada next year.  :-)


I'm thinking about having a little game based on this year's World Cup. It will definitely involve chastity, but may also involve edging, spanking, cum consumption (when you are allowed to cum), etc.

If you're interested in playing, email me at:

ForMistressMagick (at)

EDIT: Specify your Country*, Backup Country if you are choosing one, Age and Relationship Status. Include a list of the dates and opponents that your countries have left to play in their Group.

 *For this game, just like the World Cup itself, your team is determined by your citizenship. If you have dual/multiple citizenship, you must choose before you begin playing and stick with your decision.

I also think it would be fun for participants to have lucky panties/patriotic apparel to wear when their team plays, and would love to see some pics.

Speaking of which, My sophie found this sexy England Flag Bikini to wear for game days, even if just in fantasy.

While trying to find the link, I came across this two piece (above right) that combines the Union Jack and Stars and Stripes. Ironically, it's from Paris Coming. (Maybe that explains the confused combination of the two flags!) I think it's the perfect everyday combination for My British sissies!

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