Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Here Puppy, Puppy, Puppy!

I just sent out an updated version of my "Dog Days of Summer" Assignment. Since it's a special Puppy Play assignment, I decided to allow even more self expression regarding your selection of collar, and I also updated the tribute address. Email "ForMistressMagick" *at* Yahoo *dot* com if you are interested and did not receive it. 

Regarding Collars:
I do have a fetish for black leather, so I generally require black leather collars of all of my new puppy trainees. I also don't like spikes and studs as I don't find them the least bit submissive, and some of the sharper spikes are even potentially dangerous, so I further require that the collar be plain to show their true submissive nature. However, recently, in shopping for a collar for my puppy-doll, I saw several other designs that I would also find very acceptable for the assignment, as well as for my boys & girls. I especially like the ones with bone or paw print designs as they emphasize that the wearer is a puppy/doggie rather than a more general submissive.

My Favorite Black Leather Collars with Bone Designs:
(The first link is the one that my puppy-doll now wears.)

Rhinestone Bones for the Femme & Fabulous Puppy:
(This one is so glam that I just had to share it.)

Since then, I've been reviewing additional options for collars - even the idea of using a puppy tail butt plug - with individual trainees. I've decided that, for this special puppy assignment, I really want to allow participants more leeway to explore their true puppy-self whether it be regal, playful, dressy, plain, etc. Like my Easter/Ostara assignment, in which you showed me your bunny-self, whether it be a sexy Playboy bunny or a sweetie little cottontail, I think it will be interesting and insightful to see how my puppies and doggies express themselves given the space to do so. I'm really looking forward to reviewing your reports.

If you are interested in my full Puppy Play program or want to give me a call for more personalized training, check out my listing at:

Thinking of you ...on a leash at my feet.

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