Thursday, July 22, 2010

4th of July, Troisieme Prise: Bastille Day & Beyond

Wow, it's been a HOT July! ... and not just the temperature. ;-)

About a week ago, a sub commented that I hadn't been updating my blogs recently. I thought that I had, but when I looked at them, I realized that they have been somewhat quiet. I've actually been much more busy than normal, however I was spending all of my "free" time mentoring the boys who were still completing my July ribbon assignment and getting to know the "standouts" from the group who had actually completed it on July 4th. In all, I had eight boys do the assignment: four on the 4th itself, and four on or around Bastille Day. Things are quieting back down now, as I knew they would. It just takes a while to shift through them to find the true treasures.

One thing that stands out: the two boys who ran out to buy ribbons on July 4th so that they could do the assignment on the proper day (even though they found out about it late) are also the two that I would consider the "cream" of the newbie crop. In fact, the one that I am now formally considering actually used something else to start the assignment the night before, then ran out to get the ribbons as soon as he could the next morning. He proceeded to spend an entire 24 hours in them, on my orders of course, even after having been tied up the night before. He was one eager boy, and still is, but in an a very enjoyable and delightful way.

By contrast, a couple of the boys who opted to do it later were at the exact opposite end of the spectrum. The main difference that I see in those who really excelled and those who were more work than they were worth is exactly that, respect for my time - as well as a focus on me as their Mistress, and it being an experience through which they were serving me, and a pleasure that we both shared. The worst two expected far more attention than the others, and, in the end, they were only really focused on their own pleasure.

I'd decided that using my assignments to screen potential new online submissives would be a much more productive use of my time than my previous series of email questionaires. I do think that is still true, but I am also being reminded that there will always be a certain number of wankers and jerks out there, and that sometimes I have to be hard on them. I hate having to write letters like the below, but sometimes it's necessary:

You disrespected me in private.

You failed to complete your assignment in a timely fashion.

You disrespected me *and* embarassed me in public.

All within less than a week.

As far as I can tell, you are not sincere or submissive, and are just a horny boy looking for a cheap thrill.

I don't mind occasionally training such boys if they are respectful and if they tribute. However you have done neither.

I'm done with you.



It is true that sometimes I honestly don't mind a boy who is just doing it for the turn-on, as long as he is honest, respectful and values my time. However, please don't expect me to give you my attention all day long when you aren't really willing to give me a reasonable exchange of energy in return.

I've decided to attempt to make prodcutive use of this experience by providing some "do's" and "don'ts" for your future reference.

I've already posted some examples of reports from the boys whom I enjoy the most when it comes to their ability to express their intimate and sensual ideas in writing.

You should also be aware that I get reports from others which I also greatly enjoy, but which aren't as flambouyant, or whose authors are more shy about having their words shared. Don't feel that you have to live up to ed and capn. Just be honest and respectful, use some common sense, and focus on my service and pleasure.

... And, well, don't do any of the following (yes, these are real examples from this most recent assignment):

- Email me asking if you should get the thick or thin ribbon, and which work better on your cock. I can't see the ribbon and I've never seen your cock, so how would I know? If I give you the leeway to be creative, I don't want to be bothered with that kind of detail. If I cared, I would have specified the width in the assignment. If you can't decide, do what the boys who excel do: Buy both, and tell me about it in your shopping report. Then I can decide if I want to select one for you to wear, or to have you wear both.

- Email me from the ribbon store at 5am my time, expecting a response. Yes, I forgive you for forgetting the time difference, but I really shouldn't have to hold your hand like that.

- Email me after 11pm the night before you are to wear the ribbons asking for my approval...doubly so when you are already expecting to do it on the last official makeup day, and have had weeks to prepare.

- Decide on your own makeup date, and proceed to do the assignment on that date without my approval.

- Delay your shopping because you want to do something to please me that isn't part of the assignment or otherwise ordered by me. I might like the surprise, but not if it makes you late. And, often, these are things that you are actually doing in order to please yourself, not me.

In this case, I really didn't care if you wore panties and hose to go shopping, and using your desire to do so as an excuse after the fact just shows how focused you were on yourself and your own fantasies. If you had actually asked, I would have told you 1) not to wait to change into them if it would make you late and 2) that I would find it far more sexy for you to wear them with the ribbons!

- Write repeatedly in you report about how the other women around you turned you on, including a picture, taken without permission, of one of the other women. As one of my other boys said, that doesn't even go over well in vanilla settings! Yes, I did say that when some woman caught your eye, my ribbon would remind you of who you belonged to, but well, that last part seems to have been completely forgotten in your report.

Predictably, this boy has a wandering eye, and has shown me in other ways that he isn't loyal enough to be considered for formal training with me.

- Ask me in our first real chat what panties I am wearing. I am not your porn, and if I want you to know, I'll tell you.

- Plan to come serve me in-person when you haven't even successfully completed an assignment in my service. Doubly so when you are already in a committed relationship, and know that I only seek unattached boys for my in-person service. Once again, this is an obvious sign that you were more focused on your fantasy than on my needs as a Real Woman.

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