Sunday, July 25, 2010


I delight in getting daily (or as frequent as possible) panty reports from my pantyboys and sissy gurls. While, they certainly evolved out of my Valentine's and other panty-wearing assignments, I think they officially started a couple years ago with dena. She actually sent me daily morning and evening lingerie reports, including which stockings and bra she was wearing under her very masculine workclothes, and which gown or nightie she changed into in the evening. Occasionally, I would select her lingerie for the next day or have her change during our chats, but at other times, I enjoyed seeing what she selected and why.

Then came the pantyboy, who sent me a panty pic after he showered each day. If he didn't have a chance to take it at home before work, he'd sneak in to the washroom there and send me one from his phone. ;-) He had hundreds of panties, so I challenged him to never wear the same pair twice, and I have quite a gallery of his pics.

jezi has been doing panty reports as close to daily as her schedule allows for the past year. I've been mentoring her on writing detailed descriptions, which should include the color, style/cut and fabric of the panties, as well as details of the design, such as the placement, color and style of any trim, edging, lace, ruffles, buttons, bows, etc. First, I like to try to visualize the panties from her description, then I review a pic if she has one, and suggest additions and changes to the description. She can be a bit shy about tweeting her reports, but loves it when I mention her, so I sometimes tweet my own edited versions.

Of course, as part of their training, all three of them learned my favorite colors and styles, and began to buy and select lingerie in the colors and styles that I preferred on them.  dena and I had matching nightwear. The pantyboy often wore pink and black together... pink for him and black for me... with sexy lacings and ribbons. With jezi, purple has grown to be "our color", and we have matching peignoir sets as well as panties.

I'm proud to be able to say that I've also inspired sillydollyanne and others on Twitter to begin tweeting their daily panty reports. And with jezi and bella both offline for a bit, the others are stepping up to fill in, making sure that my delight continues. :-)

With so many good gurls and naughty boys tweeting, I've decided to establish the hashtag #DailyPanties for daily panty reports. I also set up a Twibe which will automatically collect unprotected tweets with the proper hashtag, although they may take up to 24 hours to show up there. If your tweets are protected, make sure to add @Mistress_Magick to your tweet unless you are sure that I'm following you. (I do intentionally keep the list of those that I follow very short so that I can easily keep up with them.)

I'm looking forward to reading your reports so please spread the word about the #DailyPanties hashtag, and use it. The more the merrier!

And, in case you're wondering, I just changed into a fresh pair of the panties pictured above. I originally purchased 10 pairs because I wanted something sexy for everyday wear.

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