Sunday, July 11, 2010

4th of July Assignment Redux

Last weekend, I had an absolutely fabulous time with four boys wearing red, white & blue ribbons for me. I really enjoyed inspecting and using one of my potentials on cam. And while a couple of my own submissives were busy with work and family obligations, two brand new boys really stepped up... rushing to the store on July 4th for ribbons so as not to miss the big event. I got yummy pics from both of them, including the closeup that the pic above was cropped from, and hot reports like the one that I posted in my Erotica Blog @ Excelling on assignments like that is one sure way to get my attention, and I'm looking forward to my future communications with both of them.

A week later, I've already spent my Amazon gift certificates. Some lovely July gifts and tributes are also on the way including a new short purple satin and lace peignoir set from my jezi-girl; a black leather dog collar and leash, decorated with brass bones from my puppy-doll, and Around Her Finger, a book about female-led relationships, from my new local potential.

I do still have a couple boys & gurls doing the assignment on other designated days, with the official makeup day being Bastille Day (July 14). In fact, a new sissy has her "clitte" all decorated for me today, and I am absolutely sure that it is driving her to distraction... especially after a couple days of chastity. Just wait until she reads her "release" instructions! *evil grin*

For those who don't know, I'm trying to mix things up a bit and to have a variety of different fetishes and kinks in the newest versions of my holiday assignments. I'm planning to collect them into one of my next books so I want each one to be unique and exciting. It seems that my "ribbon assignments" are always the most popular. They certainly bring the most attention, and are easy and exciting for most new potentials*, so it is very tempting to just do a different colored ribbon each month. However, so far, I have stuck with the original holdays for which I assigned them: St. Patrick's Day, Beltane/May Day and the 4th of July/Bastille Day, and I have changed the last two to make each one unique.

*Some of the gurls do have an issue with being reminded of their boy-parts, but if you like having your "clit" tied up, then it still works. I've even had boys in chastity wear them tied around the base of their cock and balls and then through the loop where their lock goes on their device.

The fun's not over yet, so do let me know ASAP if you want to join in. I don't expect to do another ribbon assignment for several months... although I could always change my mind, and just declare an #MMDay Ribbon Day. ;-)

Next is International FemDom Day on July 24. After that, my focus will be on my "Dog Days of Summer" Puppy Play assignment. It combines the first two of my Puppy Training Assignments and is a bit more complex than normal. It's available now, so email me if you are ready to begin.

New trainees should contact me at: ForMistressMagick *at* yahoo *dot* com and request the assignment(s). You do not have to be my sub or potential to join in. Do be over 21, and if you belong to another Mistress/Domme, you should ask her permission first, and disclose that in your email.

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