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ed cantor's First Ribbon Reports & Training
St. Patrick's Day 2010

I know that many of you wonder what to put into a report, and what training with me is like... especially when I'm in "tease and denial" mode. Below are my boy, ed cantor's, first ribbon reports to me, along with some of the relevant emails back and forth between us that day.

One of the nicest things is that he let me know early that he was in fact wearing my ribbon so that I could really get into enjoying the thought of him secretly be-ribboned for me as I went about my day. That, and his naughtiness and writing skill, along with jezi and others wearing ribbons as well, made for one of my hottest St. Patrick's Days yet!

The Shopping Report

Mistress Magick,

I was able to find the ribbon -- basic satin ribbon -- at the sewing section of the Walmart, as you suggested. It is 3/8" wide, and I purchased two lengths of 1m each, just to be sure I had enough or [if I] made a mistake. They didn't have any patterned ribbon, so I got a bright and festive green. The closest match i could find was something called Kiwi Green.

The woman helping me, a delightful middle-aged woman who seemed to come from Italian village of 100 years ago, was very sweet and helpful, and even commented that it was just in time for St. Patrick’s Day. She asked me if I was going to trim out a hat or something. I just kind of blushed, and said yes, something like that....

thanks again, Mistress Magick



[This is a good shopping report, with plenty of detail, but not too long. I love the description of the woman waiting on him and the details of their conversation.]

My Feedback
Very good. And I'm glad that you enjoyed the shopping trip. I am betting that the Walmart wasn't as disorienting as a fabric shop/craft store would have been.

With two lengths, you should try using both to make it double thick, thereby also adding more loops to the bow.

I have to admit that I'm tempted to tell you about [name removed]'s shopping trip, but I probably shouldn't. I will say that he actually purchased two ribbons because he couldn't decide between them... and he made use of both of them. (I let him do his assignment early, so I already have his full report.) I do love it when you guys go "above & beyond" to make sure that you're covered rather chance falling short. :-) It's a very good sign.

I will expect to see something ticked off my wishlist as well. I could really use an Amazon gift certificate and it would still arrive on time... although I have to admit I keep thinking of the silk scarf from Jen Delyth.


[I've noticed that if the better boys can't decide, they buy both and offer me a selection. It's always better to be overprepared than not have what you need.

One thing NOT to do: email me a 5am my time from the fabric shop while you are trying to decide between narrow and wide ribbon. If I cared, I would specified the width in the assignment. I do expect you boys to use some common sense, and to be able to decide certain things on your own.]

His Response
thank you so much, yet again, Mistress Magick. It will be a joy and a constant pleasure and tease, I am sure, to do this for you. All the more so since I am still in my now self-enforced chastity[...] I know this ribbon will tease me and keep me tingling and hard for a very pleasurable day.



And Mine
And I'm looking forward to a juicy report that will make me warm in return... knowing how it teased you and that you still behaved yourself.

Comfirmatiom That He is Wearing the Ribbon

Already the experience is making for a wonderful day.. it is a lovely weather here today, but i know that is not the reason i am tingling... you and your ribbon are, Mistress Magick... I will send you a full report, after the day is done, but I also wanted to give you the early update as to my teased self.

thank you again, Mistress Magick. my irish eyes are smilin'

Knowing that He was Already Squirming, I Decided to Tease Him a Bit
As are mine.

Imagine me reaching down to inspect the ribbon: checking to make sure that the bow is tight, but that the loop isn't too much so...sliding a finger between the loop and your cock to test it...lifting the ends of the bow to pull it snug... enjoying your reaction as I brush the ribbon against you, taking my time and drawing it out, brushing against you again and again, teasing...

And His Response
I can imagine it all too well, Mistress Magick... being told to present myself to you, my hands perhaps behind my back after lowering my trousers for you... myself all bound in ribbon, presented to you for your inspection. Your subtle touch, testing and prodding, adjusting and tightening, making me tingle, making me stiffen in reaction... making the ribbon even tighter as a result. You smile and my tingle and trembling, before packing me back up, to feel this more, to serve more.

yours in ribbon,


And Mine
Continuing to tease before packing you away... Looking in your eyes...watching it on your face...hearing it in your breath... My own intense expression highlighted by an evil grin...

Warm... Wet...


I was enjoying his emails so much that I asked him to chat with me over lunch. When he heard my delight at the fact that jezi was wearing her ribbon without underwesr, he decided to follow suit.

i've removed my boxers, Mistress, so i now wear only the ribbon around my cock, or should i say yours?, and it there is nothing else between my and pants. it is, of course, only making more tingly, more aware of myself, more likely to have my erection grow and throb, more and more wanting to just be begging to be unwrapped like a st. patrick's day present you could open personally.



We discussed chatting more after work however he couldn't escape going out with friends to celebrate, which lead to a new line of teasing

Visions of you using the urinal in the bar... still be-ribboned.


Being the Imaginative Boy That He Is, He decided to run with it... although perhaps a bit too far

I can see the picture in my mind.

The perfect end to this St. Patrick's day would be to meet you at busy pub. You would know that I was wrapped in a bow and I would know. I would feel its grip, only tighter thanks to the inspiration of being near you.

We'd take a seat. You would have me keep my hands on the table or holding my pint, while yours tormented me, sliding over the obvious bulge. You'd have me throbbing and aching, my balls blue and needy in their green wrapping. Without boxers, I know there would even be a risk of my precum soaking a spot in my trousers.

The drink would be delicious, but it would also be another tease, as i would know you were just making me wait, making me wait for the real ordeal that would be just beginning when you took me out of there.

Of Course, I Made a Few Corrections
In some dark corner, perhaps even sneaking a peek of the top of the bow

...oh, but I think it would be dinner, far away from the cheap, green beer, and you would slowly feed me dessert.

Since he was out late, I didn't hear from him again until I received his report the next day.

Final St. Patrick’s Day Report
Written 2010-03-18

I awoke early, before my alarm – no doubt my body was as eager as I to start. I trimmed myself, making sure that I was presentable, then took a steamy shower, making sure I was crisp and clean.

Out of the shower and dry, I began to wrap myself up. With the extra length, I was able to wrap around myself a couple times, with plenty of ribbon for a large bow and for dangling ends. I placed the middle of the ribbon under my balls, drawing the ends up and around me, over my cock then back down again. Then I looped around again to encircle my shaft alone, then back around to get all of me again. I closed it all off with a largish bow, then trimmed the remaining ends as you had instructed.

I dressed and went out to work. Of course I could feel the ribbon and its slight grip at every movement. It was like a tickle sometimes and a hug others. The increased thought of myself within it, especially for someone else, made me tingle. I was probably at least half erect all day long.

Talking to you via twitter and email and chat (wonderful!!) was intense and only inspired my imagination more, making me throb. There were times, thinking of you, that I would sneak my hand down and grind against myself, reveling in the desire and lust and want. [This assignment allowed him to touch, but not to cum.] Of course, fantasizing about being presented to you for an unwrapping was even more wonderful.

After our chat, as I mentioned, I went and removed my boxers, tucking them away. I felt even more sensitized, feeling myself freer, but also sliding against the fabric of my pants, feeling even more exposed. Yes, I was even harder, for longer stretches at a time. I had to really concentrate to try and think about ANYTHING else.

And of course, when what I might have wanted was just to get home and get privacy, there was no avoiding pints. We had a great time, actually. We drank and laughed and drank and told stories. There was one or two women with us, and they were getting happy and silly too. They were laughing and flirting and enjoying themselves, and nothing is as sexy as a happy, smiling woman. It was making the ribbon tighter… LOL. [Yes, he mentioned other women, but in a positive non-specific way, that could be equally applicable to me. Besides. it's true! :-)]

Yes, there were at least two occasions that I had to relieve myself, and had to be quite careful, especially on a busy night, to try to avoid showing just how much I was celebrating the day! [Referencing my enjoyment at the thought of him doing this... having to either using the stalls or risk getting caught.]

It was a wonderful day, Mistress, feeling your ribbon hold me all day long. I felt like I was in your embrace and control, and it was such a pleasure and gift.

I made sure that the ribbon was not too tight, and I slept last night wearing it and nothing else. That way, I woke with the memories and a wide smile to go along with a raging reminder of my lusts and desires.

Thank you Mistress




  1. you never cease in your ability to make me smile, make me tingle, and make me feel loved, Mistress

  2. ed -

    dear one, it's so easy when you do the same for me.


    Your Mistress,


  3. i'm really glad these reports still endure here.


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