Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Things That Make Me Smile

I had so much fun Monday night training "capn slight" on cam. After learning how to put on and take off various endless o-ring cock and ball rings (and other big firsts), he wore one of them for me all day on Tuesday. The last paragraph of his Tuesday cock ring report is below.


Thank you again so much for last night, for all your attention and patience and care, for making me use your cock as you please, making me squeeze and manipulate it into the rings and for taking me to places in my head I didn't know could exist. I hope I am learning well and am deserving of your attention and time.

I can assure you that I feel that he is.

Being very new to this, he does have a lot to learn, but I see a lot that I already like in him and a lot of potential for growth. Therefore, I am putting a certain focus on teaching him right now, both in regard to how to serve me better, and in regard to more general training and mentoring.

I get thank you's  from subs all the time, and I try not to spend my time on those who do not value my attention, however reading this felt especially nice. The way that he thanked me for specific things made me feel more appreciated for my work, and the written confirmation of how much my service and training is effecting him feels very rewarding.

I'm planning to journal on Do's and Don't's in your assignment reports. The above is a definitely a "Do" and an example of why I'm considering formally accepting him into my training.

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