Tuesday, December 28, 2010

December/Yule & January Assignment Updates

This weekend, I uploaded a couple of the Holly-Day Panties reports to my InHerService report blog. I do expect a couple more "wearing reports" to come in from those who purchased their panties before going offline for the holidays.

I'm also still getting requests for the assignment. However, while I did see some on clearance at Cacique today, I feel like it's too really too late for Christmas panties. (Though it's still not too late for Yule presents. ;-))

On the other hand, I'm beginning to think that it might be fun to have some of you wearing "festive panties" in a different color for New Year's Eve! Hmmmmm... I wonder what color might be appropriate. It's probably too late to order gold or silver sequined or metallic undies! And I think I might make it "By Invitation Only".

Speaking of New Year's, the January assignment is going to be on the theme of Janus (looking back & looking forward). Part of it will be like New Year's Resolutions, but it is going to be more complex. It is really only for the submissives who are interested in serving me &/or training with me in the coming year, and it will probably be due around  mid-January in order to allow time for you to complete my Valentine's assignment by/on February 14.

You can start requesting the January assignment now, by emailing:
ForMistressMagick *at* yahoo *dot* com

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